Dr Neha Karhade

Director & Chief Ayurved Consultant.

Dr Neha Karhade is research fellow in Ayurved. She is doing extensive research work on Infertility and Gynecological disorders. Just because of Dr. Neha’s treatments, many infertile couples are celebrating their parenthood.

Dr Neha Karhade is very well known for the treatment of ‘Beeja shuddhi’, Garbha Samskar and Garbha Samskar training program.

She is also known for providing pediatric health care and Suwarna Prashana for mentaly and physically ill child.

Dr Neha karhade dedicated for Women empowerment by means of taking care of their hormonal balance, Gynecological disorders, Osteoporosis, joint pain, Anemia,  skin & hair problems.